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Compare Yachts and Find the Best Fit for You

Sep 27, 2019

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  • Compare Yachts and Find the Best Fit for You

    Compare different Yachts and find out the one that best fits you!

    If you are a yacht enthusiast then you probably know that there is a huge number of models out in the market. If you are not familiar with yachts and boats, but are looking to purchase one, then prepare to be surprised. There are a lot of categories in the world and also a lot of overlapping ones, which makes it even harder to compare them and find the right one for you. In this article however we will shed some light on a few models and also show you an easy way how to compare yachts and make your job of finding the best fit for you, much easier.

    Different yacht categories

    There are five main yacht categories.

    The first one includes the cruizer, either express, sport or general cruizer.  This category includes a single deck yacht over the hull while the living space is positioned below. In terms of looks, this yacht is more futuristic and elegant. This category is then divided into various models, each with their own unique features. Some of them are the Riva 63 Virtus also known as an open express, the 51’ Sea Ray Sundancer, known as a hard top express and the Sunseeker 60 Predator also a hard top express.

    The second category includes the Sedan, Flybridge and Sport bridge. In this category everything is positioned on top of the deck. It provides great 360 degree views and a control area in that space as well. Some models included in this category are the Sunseeker 74 Predator Sport Bridge, Ferretti 620 Flybridge and the Azimut 80 Flybridge.

    The third category includes motor yachts such as the Pilothouse, the Cockpit and the Skylounge.  This category is quite broad as it means a boat with a motor and might even include the first category. However the main difference is the fact that these types of yachts are bigger and have multiple decks.

    The fourth category includes the Mega Yacht which is probably the king of all yachts. These yachts have more than three decks and can include as many features as possible, becoming everyone’s dream boat.

    The fifth category is the sportfish, such as Express, Flybridge and Convertible. The sportfish, as you have probably guessed, is aimed at fishing. It has a designated space for all the fishing gear such as bait, rods, tackle and of course a space for all the fish you are going to catch during the day. An enclosed living space is also available.

    Comparing yachts

    Getting all the information on the various types of models is probably the easiest task when trying to compare them. The numerous features that each and every one has, makes it quite time consuming to find what the advantages of one yacht are compared to the other. Luckily enough, our technology oriented world has made it much easier to compare yachts through apps and databases such as TheBoatDB. An online database containing all the information on yacht features and models is the solution in this case. You will find that it is easier to browse yachts online, compare features and prices within the one virtual location and find which one fits you best, in no time!

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