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Which is better a wooden boat or fiberglass boat

Aug 24, 2022

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  • Which is better a wooden boat or fiberglass boat

    Do you think a wooden boat is better than a fiberglass boat? There are actually many discussions on the marine realm about this issue. Here are some facts to give you a better insight.

    Pros and cons of wooden boats

    Wooden boats take a very long time to build and are considered some of the most beautiful vessels to roam the oceans. Many believe that they are going extinct but there are in fact still some wordsmiths that enjoy building wooden boats from scratch and creating the classic look that everyone loves and appreciates.

    Wooden boats are however not appropriate to be used as multisport vehicles. They require quite a bit of maintenance.

    Nonetheless, these boats are inviting and insulated well against heat and cold. In addition, wooden boats are also soundproof and can absorb more vibrations from the engine than fiberglass boats.

    And let’s not forget that a wooden boat is seen as a piece of art. Nothing beats the amazing smell or the inviting warm atmosphere created by wood.

    When it comes to boat maintenance and durability, wooden boats do require quite a bit of maintenance, but they also have a proven track record. They can withstand years in water without creating any major issues.

    Last but not least, wooden boats can be pricey because of the raw material used: wood.

    Pros and cons of fiberglass boats

    Fiberglass boats are easier to build and have a nice edgy look that is very compelling to people who like clean lines and modern vessels. These boats are easier to clean and allow for more open spaces and ultimately result cheaper in costs.

    Fiberglass boats are faster than wooden ones thanks to the weight of fiberglass and they have great sea keeping abilities. You will however feel more movement on a fiberglass boat than a wooden one, but if you like sports more than just the casual weekend sail, then fiberglass boats are a better alternative.

    Last but not least, some would argue that fiberglass boats do not have the same durability of wooden boats and need to be taken out of the water more often for maintenance and repairs.

    All in all, both fibreglass and wooden boats have their pros and cons. You need to take into consideration looks, durability and costs to make up your mind whether one is more appropriate to you than the other.

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