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Find Out the Lagoon 42 Catamaran Top Speed

Sep 22, 2021

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  • Find Out the Lagoon 42 Catamaran Top Speed

    Lagoon 42 is one of the most impressive and famous catamarans ever made and also one of the best vessels produced by Lagoon. In addition, Lagoon 42 is one of the most sold boats made by this company, surpassing the Lagoon 38. Most of its popularity comes as a result of its performance. Lagoon’s 42 speed is impressive and quite enjoyable. This catamaran offers ample interior space that allows you to enjoy a nice getaway with friends or family. In fact, most Lagoon 42 catamarans are chartered. 

    This boat however is very easy to sail so if you choose not to have people around for a romantic voyage, you can still manage the Lagoon 42 with just one other person on board. 

    The Lagoon 42 speed is about 16 knots. It was initially supposed to surpass the Outreamer 45 but that did not actually prove to be the case. You might still get some additional speed by lowering the weight and load on the boat, although 25 knots is almost impossible to reach. What you might get is a nice speed of 18 knots on a calm sea. The normal Lagoon 42 speed however is 7 or 8 knots, if you want to have a comfortable voyage, enjoy the views and feel safe on board. 

    This boat does not have a high risk of capsizing, although increasing speed might still cause damage to the rig. 

    You can also increase the speed of the catamaran by making use of natural conditions such as the wind. Using the sails can be fun, interesting, efficient, and really help you improve the performance of your boat. Make sure to have a proper sail plan, however, especially in low winds. 

    All in all, you can be quite happy with the performance of the Lagoon 42 as it will not only be a fast catamaran but will do so without sacrificing space or comfort. In fact, this boat can be more efficient than monohulls of the same size in both comfort and speed, and most importantly handling. 

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