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Which is the Best Economical Catamaran

Oct 04, 2021

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  • Which is the Best Economical Catamaran

    Catamarans are boats with two hulls and plenty of deck space for activities and enjoying the outdoors when in open waters. They are fast, stable, and most importantly, quite affordable compared to other vessels. One of the most economical catamarans you can find is the Lagoon 380. This is a 1999 cruising catamaran, just perfect for sailing and enjoying a weekend away, or even just a day out in nature, exploring the waters and meditating in open seas. 

    The hulls of the Lagoon 380 are made of fiberglass and the vessel is also equipped with skegs as hull appendices. In addition, Lagoon 380 has a mast height of 56.10 feet, an overall length of 37.11 feet with a waterline length of 36.10 feet, and a beam that is 21.50 feet tall. Moreover, it has one wheel, two spade rudders, and an aft cockpit. You can find it in different versions, whether with two, three, or four berths.

    The interior also includes a galley, a saloon, and a navigation station, positioned in an open space above the hulls. 

    Designed by Vincent Lauriot Prévost and Marc Van Peteghemm, this boat can be purchased for about 100.000 dollars if used. It is quite popular in both the US and Europe, thus finding a model to buy is not too much of a struggle. You can also come across Lagoon 380 models in other areas of the world, making this a very accessible and also affordable boat. There are almost 1000 vessels of this type being used to this day, both as privately owned sailboats as well as charters.

    The reason why this comes up as number one in our best economical catamaran list is indeed its price and size. This is a relatively small boat that includes most of the amenities and all of the comfort of a normal multihull. In fact, the Lagoon 380 can be used for more than just coastal cruising. It is easy to maneuver due to its size, but at the same time can withstand long trips from the US to Asia. 

    What might be a small downfall of this model is the low headroom. There are however many spaces where you can stand up tall and not even notice this low headroom. 

    Check out more specifications of this economical catamaran on TheBoatDB, including performance ratios, design features, general information, and pictures. You can also use the platform to compare more economical catamaran options and decide which one is the first on your own list. 

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