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Best Small Boat for Ocean Crossing and Sailing

Sep 16, 2021

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  • Best Small Boat for Ocean Crossing and Sailing

    Have you ever wondered what the best small boat for ocean sailing is? It is an interesting question as most boats used for crossing oceans are big, spacious, comfortable, and rigid. But small boats do have several advantages too when it comes to sailing the world. 

    First of all, smaller boats are more affordable and allow you to have an overall cheaper journey. Their fuel costs less, their provisions as well as parts that might need to get replaced are more affordable.  Most importantly, marine services are way cheaper for smaller boats as they are typically calculated by the size of the vessel. 

    Next, small boats are easy to maneuver especially if you are new to the entire industry and marine world. Their systems are easier and maintaining them is much simpler which is a good asset for when you travel the world as things always tend to malfunction or break. 

    There should be noted however that small boats lack a lot of amenities and comfort that bigger vessels provide on a trip around the world. They also cannot accommodate as many people so you would have to choose your sailing partners carefully. But if you are traveling the world with just one partner, small boats are the best choice. 

    Here are two of the best small boats for ocean crossing and sailing

    • One of our favorites is the Albin Vega from Albin Marine. It is a 1965 offshore cruiser with a fiberglass hull. This is a modest boat but can provide a nice smooth sail for a maximum of two people. It offers a retro look and a comfy interior in addition to a good sail size that makes sailing more efficient. 
    • Next, you have the Northshore Vancouver 28 from 1985. This is an affordable offshore cruising sailboat with a composite hull. You can get it for 20-30 thousand dollars and enjoy a great sailing experience in a perfectly finished interior where no meter has gone to waste. This boat has one tiller, one transom-hung rudder, a swing keel, and a closed aft cockpit. 

    You can explore these two vessels that made the list of best small boats for ocean sailing at TheBoatDB database. Search for their names in the search toolbar and discover sizes, information on price, designer, features, and specifications. In addition, the database allows you to compare these models against one another or with other small boats appropriate for long trips around the world. 

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