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Trimaran Sailboats: Pros and Cons

Sep 22, 2021

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  • Trimaran Sailboats: Pros and Cons

    Trimarans are boats in the multihull category. So let us give you a simple overview. A monohull has just one hull, a catamaran is a boat with two hulls, while a trimaran as the name itself suggests, has three hulls (one central hull and two side ones that are smaller).

    There are many reasons why people prefer trimarans to other boats. These vessels are very easy to maneuver and quite light compared to catamarans or monohulls. They are often considered as an advanced form of the catamaran. The reason being, trimarans are faster than the average catamaran and obviously faster than monohulls. 

    In addition, trimarans are much more stable than the alternative. The three hulls provide extra balance and lower resistance because even if there are three hulls in a trimaran, they are smaller and narrower. Lower resistance also leads to lower fuel consumption. 

    Trimarans are very comfortable to sail in as the main hull is stabilized by the two outer hulls

    Also, if you enjoy spending more time outdoors rather than indoors (which is usually the case for people who like sailing), trimarans offer more deck area that you can utilize. Whether for meditation, or social gatherings, this space offers plenty of breathtaking views and fresh air. 

    Let’s not forget that trimarans have smaller gaps in between the hulls which makes them easier to build and therefore less expensive for the public to buy. 

    This article however is titled trimarans pros and cons, so it is time to move into some less appealing characteristics of these vessels. 

    While they offer plenty of deck space, the area below the main deck is limited, therefore you cannot have as many people on board as you would in a monohull or even a catamaran. 

    In addition, trimarans are not appropriate for every type of activity. If you want to use it for recreational sailing then these boats will provide plenty of enjoyment. If your scope is to find something for the military or fishing, trimarans are not often the best choice. 

    If you have your mind set on a specific trimaran, search it on TheBoatDB. Our extensive database includes features, pictures, specifications, and more useful information on a variety of boats. What is most interesting however is that you can also compare a couple of models side by side and decide which one is your favorite by getting all your facts straight. 

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