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Which is the best Trimaran Sailboat

Feb 27, 2020

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  • Which is the best Trimaran Sailboat

    Trimarans are very popular in the marine world. Some might even consider them the kings and queens of the multihull category. For those of you who are new to all things sailing, trimarans are basically boats with three hulls, the main one as well as two smaller outrigger floats. The outer floats are connected to the main hull through lateral beams. These vessels are also known as double outriggers.

    Nowadays, trimarans are basically luxurious sailing yachts designed for recreational activities as well as racing. They feature a variety of characteristics and components which have been designed to entertain people on board and anyone interested in them. Seeking out the best trimaran sailboat means finding out the most cutting-edge design featuring the best technological features. So far, one of the best trimarans of all time has been named the Telstar 28.

    Features of the best trimaran sailboat of all time

    The Telstar 28 has been named as one of the best trimaran sailboats of all time, one that has changed the world’s perception of trimarans and the entire design framework of boats. This Trimaran is a relatively new built, launched in 2003, while its predecessor, the Telstar 26, dates back to 1970. It is an efficient and compact cruiser designed by Tony Smith.

    Some of the main features of this vessel include the impeccable comfort it offers when sailing, in conjunction with its windward speed on the highway as a result of folding wings. Its outer hulls can swing on a rotary-pivot joint. The 18 feet sailing beam can be converted into an 8.5-foot dimension. Other transformations make this boat extremely flexible and desirable by naval architects. 

    One very interesting feature of this boat is the fact that its length is always unchanged despite the outer hulls having rotated into narrow-beam trim. As a result, this trimaran can maintain this configuration for an extended period of time while still being considered safe. 

    In terms of fun and entertaining features, the side decks are something to look out for. The side decks can be walked on as they provide ample space for lounging. In addition, the design of the boat is all about improving performance and function while also improving accommodations through new weightless materials. The exterior also features new fiberglass edges, an innovation for the market of 2003. This material lowers the overall weight of the boat and makes it perform extremely well under sail, which is a great feature for anyone looking to use it for racing. Additional features and information can be found on TheBoatDB platform, where all boat data can be accessed and compared for anyone interested in monohulls, multihulls and most importantly trimarans!

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