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Sort Out the Best Boat or Yacht

Oct 07, 2019

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  • Sort Out the Best Boat or Yacht

    Why you need to rely on TheBoatDB to sort out the best boat or yacht!

    Investing in a boat or yacht is not an easy decision. Mainly the most important factor to take into consideration is price and these vessels do not come cheap. Which is probably why anyone should take some quality time to get all the pros and cons of each model they are interested in before making this longterm investment. In todays busy world however time always equals money, which is why people are trying to cut corners and always come to decisions quickly. Noone wants to make a rushed and unbalanced decision however, and this is where TheBoatDB comes to the rescue.

    What TheBoatDB does

    TheBoatDB is a database containing boats, data and multiple ways on how to compare them as its primary function. It allows anyone to enter specific details about the boats they have or are looking to purchase including dimensions, power, performance ratios and more. The most important feature of TheBoatDB is that you can have all this information at hand at any time and anywhere in the world as it is indeed an app on your phone or other electronic device. Basically it stores your boat’s data which you can check when you are online as well as offline. Furthermore, it interfaces with a complementary platform for further functionalities. TheBoatApp connects and utilizes this database, both providing a full experience to your boat life including maintenance schedules, documents, inventory, logbooks and more.

    How it works

    The way TheBoatDB works is that it allows for side by side comparison of all the boats in the database. If you have been looking at a few boats that you are considering to buy, you can shortlist these and add them to the comparison bundle. If you are looking to replace your boat with a new one, you can also compare the features of your existing boat and decide whether the new one is a good investment or not, compared to the one you already have.

    Another thing that TheBoatDB allows you to do is roam through the database by technical specifications. You can put down the features you are looking for and it will come up with a few samples. You can also add a list of criteria that you are interested in and prepare a shortlist to review at a later time. This is how it manages to benchmark boats simultaneously and consequently save you time.

    Basically TheBoatDB does all the research for you and presents you with the best options that fit your needs and likings. So do not waste time anymore, compare your favourite picks right now at TheBoatDB and enjoy that new boat you have been waiting for so long!

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