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Shoal Keel Sailboats Advantages and Disadvantages

Sep 13, 2021

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  • Shoal Keel Sailboats Advantages and Disadvantages

    Shoal keel sailboats are boats with less draft compared to the same model with a higher keel. The term shoal keel does not define a certain length of the keel rather than just differentiate one model from another. By reading the term shoal keel on a boat, you are meant to understand that a version with a normal keel is also available and that the particular model you are looking at can be used in shallower waters than the other one. 

    Most shoal keel sailboats are used in ocean voyages near the coastline where the water is shallower. They can be used for fishing or recreational activities. 

    Advantages of shoal keel sailboats

    The most important advantage of a shoal keel sailboat is its ability to navigate shallow water without hitting the ground and without damaging the keel. As such, these boats are great for exploring caves and other touristic sights that other boats cannot access. 

    In addition, shoal keel sailboats are great for lagoons and other shallow bodies of water. They offer the same interior space as boats with a normal keel, but are better equipped for sailing in shallow waters without risking damage to the keel, the lower part of the hull, or the entire structure of the boat. 

    Disadvantages of shoal keel sailboats

    Every boat has its own advantages and disadvantages, and so do shoal keel sailboats

    Similar to flat bottom hull boats, shoal keel sailboats are not too stable and might have an increased risk of capsizing when the water is too rough. In addition, it has a different righting moment which makes it harder to navigate and maintain static stability. As a result, shoal keel sailboats are not as comfortable to sail. They are more appropriate for shorter sails rather than longer navigations. One of the most common side effects of a shoal keel sailboat trip is seasickness. 

    You can find different shoal keel sailboats on TheBoatDB database and have a better look at each model to explore specific features and details such as manufacturer, price, pictures, displacement, size, and more. The carefully put-together platform also allows you to compare different shoal keel sailboats side by side, or even normal keel and shoal keel versions of the same sailboat. This is particularly important if you are in the market for a boat or are looking to rent one. You can base your decision on data that you can assess for yourself. 

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