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The best catamarans under 40/50 Feet

Sep 29, 2020

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  • The best catamarans under 40/50 Feet

    Catamarans are comfortable multihulls used to sail around the ocean, whether close to coastlines or even further offshore. These vessels vary from luxurious boats to smaller and more affordable vessels. They can be chartered to roam the Mediterranean, the Atlantic or the Caribbean. Alternatively, they can also be owned and used frequently on various holidays for those lucky ones that manage to take enough time off work to sail.

    The 40 or 50 feet catamarans are some of the most comfortable yachts to travel in. This is why they have piqued our curiosity and pushed us to do a “top-three” list of the best catamarans under 50 feet.

    Here is what we came up with and their exquisite features.

    Top 3 best catamarans under 50 feet

    TheBoatDB provides a platform to compare boats and catamarans. Therefore, it becomes inevitable for us not to rate and grade these utterly attractive yachts. As a result, here is our list of the best catamarans under 50 feet and their respective features.

    1. The number one spot goes to Lagoon 46. The Lagoon 46 is a famous catamaran from Lagoon manufacturers. It reaches 46 feet in length (or 14 meters) from which it also takes its name. It has a beam of 7.96 meters and weighs 16.6 tonnes. The mainsail area is 87 m² and has a draft of 1.30 meters. The Lagoon 46 has 4 double cabins and costs about 433.000 euros before tax. What makes it one of the best catamarans under 50 feet is its advantage and potential due to its aft-positioned rig. This boat shows great performance under sail and versatility. It is appropriate for families as well as ocean cruising. Its exterior is very attractive as well.
    2. Next, we have grown quite fond of the Ita 14.99, designed and built by Ita Catamarans Srl. This is a small catamaran intended to be used by a shorthanded crew. It includes a wide sail area, deep daggerboards, high-end carbon-epoxy construction, interesting and elegant interiors, good speed, and a powerful engine. The cost of the Ita 14.99 is about 890.000 euros before tax. The boat is 49 feet long or 14.99 in meters from which the name comes from. In addition, the Ita 14.99 has a 7.80-meter beam, 10.5 tonnes of weight, 91 m² mainsail area, 49 m² self-tacking jib area, and 140 m² gennaker area. The Ita 14.99 was firstly introduced at the Cannes Yachting Festival and has since been a sight for sore eyes. Last but not least, it offers a hybrid-electric propulsion as well.
    3. Our third choice as one of the best catamarans under 50 feet is the Elba 45 Fountaine Pajot, also known as simply Elba 45. It is 13.45 meters long with a beam of 7.55 meters. In addition, its unladen weight is 13.6 t, its draft is 1.20 meters, a mainsail area of 74 m², a genoa area of 45 m², and costs about 419,000 euros before tax. The interior of the Elba 45 is quite impressive. It has 4 double cabins and a very pleasant communal space full of light. The steering position is close to the Lounge deck. One of the most liked features of this boat is the hydraulic rear platform that serves as a beach deck.

    Explore TheBoatDB to compare these three high-end catamarans to other choices and create your own “top-three” list of the best catamarans under 50 feet.

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