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The most popular catamaran of 2020

Oct 16, 2020

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  • The most popular catamaran of 2020

    When it comes to multihulls, catamarans are quite the choice. They have been gaining more and more popularity due to their peculiar designs, large interiors full of light, and let’s not forget, their cutting-edge production technology.

    One of the best characteristics that make these boats so appreciated is that they do not need to be extra luxurious to be comfortable and safe. There are plenty of affordable catamarans that provide a very pleasant experience when cruising offshore.

    Here is a list of the most popular catamarans of 2020 and their remarkable features.

    • According to Yachting World, there are a few multihulls that are worth seeing and learning about. The first one would be the Aventura 34. This catamaran is just below 38 ft. It is designed by a French brand with a large cockpit, two or three cabins, modern finishes, and the main living deck with a connecting galley. The Aventura 34 also features large hulls and big windows and is priced at 159.000 euros.
    • Next, we have the Fountaine Pajot Alegria 67. It comes as no surprise that a Fountain Pajot catamaran makes yet another list of some of the best boats currently roaming the oceans. This is a three-cabin catamaran with an aft starboard bed. Most importantly, the Fountaine Pajot Alegria 67 is an affordable boat perfect for family cruising.
    • Moving on to Lagoon 470. This remains an all-time favorite for many reasons. This catamaran has vertical windows, a large saloon, good sailing performance, balanced underwing clearance, galley-down layout, and a unique vintage look.
    • The Leopard 46 is yet another popular catamaran, designed in collaboration between Robertson and Caine as well as Morrelli & Melvin. It offers a very good sailing performance, plenty of underwing clearance, large sleeping quarters, an interesting saloon, and a powerful rig. You can find this boat for just under 300.000 euros.
    • For an even more affordable option, have a look at the St. Francis 44 and Knysna 440 catamaran. This boat is priced at 200.000 euros or less. It is a fast and strong cruiser made of foam core, light structure, and a powerful rig. It is a mid-sized catamaran that manages to sail quite smoothly for its price.

    The single most popular catamaran on 2020

    The number one most popular catamaran in 2020 has to be the Lagoon 440. This is also considered one of the most popular catamarans ever sold. Some of the most noteworthy features of this boat are ample underwing clearance, large windows, a good-sized saloon, comfortable sleeping quarters, and a wonderful flybridge.

    This is a great catamaran as the flybridge provides an interesting spot where to stay during long voyages, which are perfect vacation ideas for a challenging year such as 2020. What better way to wait out the Covid-19 pandemic than to breathe in the fresh air of open water, away from cities and crowded spaces.

    The Lagoon 440 comes in two versions. You can either have it with 3 cabins as a custom made or a 4 cabin as the default production mode.

    You can compare these boats on TheBoatDB, the one place where all your boating life is stored. Compare the Lagoon 440 to other catamarans as well and decide for yourself which is the best boat for this year.

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