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Measuring your Yacht Fuel Consumption per Hour

Oct 10, 2019

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  • Measuring your Yacht Fuel Consumption per Hour

    How to measure your yacht fuel consumption per hour

    Yachts are quite similar to other vehicles in the sense that they work through fuel. Similarly to any other vehicle, it is important to calculate the yacht fuel consumption per hour before you plan a trip or before you purchase a vessel. Fuel consumption is also a good comparison base between boats. Whether before going on a trip, or buying a yacht, you need to have all the facts straight and know how much money you are going to invest not only at once upon purchase but also periodically.

    There are different factors in the fuel consumption of a yacht. For example, if you use a generator or if you stay at anchor instead of docking, the fuel consumption will be increased. The itinerary will change fuel consumption as well. Sea is different than roads and the conditions in a sea change more dramatically than on land, which also impacts fuel consumption.

    Fuel consumption for boats is measured in gallons per hour. The efficiency of boat fuel is measured in pounds of fuel that are used in an hour per horsepower. In order to be able to read the calculation right, any boat owner should know that gasoline is almost 6.1 pounds per gallon while diesel is 7.2 pounds per gallon.

    Usually, if you consider that all sea conditions are pristine, the fuel consumption of a normal diesel engine is 0.4 pounds per hour for each unit of horsepower.

    How to calculate yacht fuel consumption

    Calculating it by hand is complicated, which is why many people choose to use online calculators. The way it works is it allows you to put down certain parameters that calculate the fuel consumption. These parameters include route, units of measurement and engine power.

    Lastly, what most people are interested in is actually the cost of fuel consumption per hour. So the last parameter to include is the current price of fuel. Marine websites usually include this price up to date.

    Another step that people have taken is develop a boat fuel consumption chart for their own boat and find the average in a month.

    Alternatively, there is a formula that calculates the maximum fuel consumption of the engine which is:

    GPH = (specific fuel consumption x HP) / The specific weight of fuel

    This formula determines the fuel consumption when the engine is at full speed. If the speed is decreased then the fuel consumption is decreased as well. Basically, what you need to do is include the horsepower rate of the boat and you multiply it by the specific fuel consumption average and you divide that product by the weight of the fuel.

    If you want to compare your boats GPH with other boats than you can use TheBoatDB database. If you already have a boat you can register for free and compare it with other boats within the database.

    These are simple methods to calculate fuel consumption, however for a precise one you would have to know all the specifics of your boat and put the parameters through the calculator.

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