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Gunboat catamarans reviews and opinions

Nov 18, 2020

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  • Gunboat catamarans reviews and opinions

    Gunboat catamarans are high tech boats that use the latest race technology while still maintaining a cozy character that appeals to families. These boats were first introduced in 2002 as a combination between a high-performance multihull and a family-friendly cruiser. As such, a new branch of the industry started to become extremely popular, that of fast catamarans that feature large volumes, comfortable interiors, as well as sturdiness and ability to sail safely offshore.

    Gunboat catamarans are considered luxurious, very fast, and innovative yachts that aim to push the boundaries of what is possible in the marine world. These features however did not seem to be enough to keep the company going strong. In 2019, the US company that oversees the production and sale of Gunboat catamarans went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While the reason still remains unknown, one could speculate that Gunboat catamarans appeal only to a certain class of citizens and have not managed to gain the respect of the masses, therefore not being able to generate enough sales to keep the company afloat.

    As of May 2016, Gunboat catamarans are owned by Grand Large Yachting. They are produced and assembled in France while the main support service headquarters are in Newport USA. Since then, Gunboat catamarans have displayed better features and aimed to achieve new designs, especially with the support of VPLP. These boats can be chartered as well, mainly in the Caribbean area.

    Gunboat catamarans: reviews and opinions

    Gunboat catamarans have quite peculiar features. They have been established as a high-tech, cutting edge fleet of catamarans. Two of the most popular Gunboat catamarans are listed below:

    Gunboat 68

    The Gunboat 68 catamaran has solar panels supported on the fixed cockpit. It is designed to participate in fleet racing and features a lot of futuristic ideas. Gunboat 68 has reverse bows and a sleek exterior. In addition, the interior of the saloon is modular and demountable in order to appeal to racing owners as well, who want to remove everything from the interior during events. Moreover, it has a fixed roof, a walkthrough cockpit, tilers and bucket seats for outside steering, symmetric daggerboards, midships beam and bowsprit, rotating wing mast, and a fixed rig.

    Gunboat 57

    This yacht was introduced in Annapolis. It is a new and improved version of Gunboat 55, also known as one of the coolest boats to roam the Caribbean. This boat has a better steering system with lifting daggerboards. The cabin has been redesigned to reposition the engines and achieve a better trim. All in all, the Gunboat 57 is a lightweight boat that can be operated by a small crew. It evokes simplicity, safety, and accessibility. Despite being a luxury cruiser, this boat also appeals to sailing with family or friends as well as taking part in races.

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