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Fastest cruising trimaran of all time

Nov 05, 2020

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  • Fastest cruising trimaran of all time

    A trimaran is also known as a double-outrigger. This is a multihull boat that contains a main larger hull and two small outrigger hulls on the sides. Their design originated from the Philippines and Eastern Indonesia, where they are to this day used as the main fishing boats.

    Nowadays, however, trimarans are designed as sailing yachts for racing and recreational purposes, which is why the fastest cruising trimaran is of great interest to the world. It is a fact that trimarans are faster than monohulls or catamarans. As such, their world record has managed to beat any other catamarans’ or monohull prior record.

    The record for the fastest cruising trimaran is held by Thomas Coville. He used a trimaran called Sodebo Ultim to sail across the world on Christmas 2016. HIs trip lasted for 49 days and 3 hours. Thomas Coville’s record beat his predecessor, Francis Joyon, who sailed across the world in a trimaran on the20th of January 2008 on a trip that lasted 57 days and 13 hours. Before them, it was Ellen MacArthur to hold this record after having sailed across the world in February 2005, in a trimaran for 71 days.

    The fastest cruising trimaran to this day is the Maxi trimaran IDEC SPORT. This vessel is both wind or mechanically powered and has completed a voyage around the world in 40 days 23 hours 30 minutes 30 seconds. The Maxi trimaran IDEC SPORT can reach an average speed of 26.85 knots or 30.71 MPH.

    In addition, this boat has covered a distance of 26,412 nautical miles, or 48,915 km (30,394 mi). In 2020, the Maxi trimaran IDEC SPORT managed to sail from Hong Kong to London in 32 days.

    While the Maxi trimaran IDEC SPORT has been established as the fastest cruising trimaran of all time due to the journeys it has completed, there are however a few other boats that have managed to reach more speed. These boats however have not been able to withstand such speed and have capsized.

    That is exactly what happened to Hydroptère. Hydroptère is an experimental hydrofoil trimaran. This vessel managed to reach 56.3 knots or 104.3 km/h (64.8 mph) near Fos-sur-Mer. However, it capsized a few minutes after.

    Fastest cruising trimarans to have made history

    There are many more trimarans that have made history due to their speed. Firstly, the giant trimaran by BMW Oracle Racing team represented the Golden Gate Yacht Club in 2010. This trimaran won the 33rd America’s Cup on Valentine’s day 2010 by sailing off the coast of Spain. It managed to beat the Alinghi catamaran by a large margin.

    In addition, the Weta dinghies have started to make a good name for themselves. These are trimarans used for performance day sailing. They are fast, light, and very flexible. Also, these trimarans have been used for disabled sailing. The reason being that you do not need to move around the cockpit to maintain stability when on a Weta Dinghy.

    You can compare trimarans with TheBoatDB and figure out for yourself whether they are a good fit for your marina. Do not forget that trimarans in general will require more space when parked. If you are a speed junkie, however, these vessels will definitely appeal to you.

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