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Catamaran boat interior reviews and pictures

Nov 16, 2020

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  • Catamaran boat interior reviews and pictures

    Have you ever been curious about a catamaran interior? How does everything fit in there to create comfort and even luxury and still allow catamarans to look so slim on the outside?

    Here are some catamaran interior reviews to help you create a general picture of what goes on inside these peculiar vessels.

    Leopard 58 catamaran interior


    The Leopard 58 catamaran boat is quite a large and luxurious vessel. It has been refurbished to integrate 3 cabins, an open saloon, and a full-size owner’s suite. So, in total, this boat can accommodate 8 guests into 4 cabins. It also includes a hydraulic dinghy platform, a large flybridge where 10 people can be seated, a lounge bar and galley as well as an ample forward cockpit.

    Solarwave 64 catamaran interior


    The Solarwave 64 is a hybrid-yacht designed for long-range solar-cruising. It is a luxurious boat that uses only solar energy and does not need a diesel-engine to start. Its battery-capacity is designed for more than a night of permanent cruising.

    The interior of this boat features polished dark wood and luxurious kitchen appliances, in addition to soft cushions for seating. The interior of the cabins follows the same language by using the same cherry colored wood as the kitchen. The ceilings remain crisp white and offer a sense of peace and serenity, by also making the entire internal space seem larger. The contrast between the wood and the while parts of the boat creates an elegant setting that can appeal to anyone’s tastes.

    Lagoon 50 catamaran interior


    The Lagoon 50 is a chartered catamaran boat that can be used by families and groups of friends. It includes 4+1 cabins and 4+1 toilets. This catamaran interior is clean and crisp. It shows hints of a Scandinavian style decor, with stainless steel appliances.

    The Lagoon 50 interior is surrounded by windows and gains plenty of natural light that creates a peaceful atmosphere within the space. The sitting area features white fabric cushions that complement the sails. The cabins showcase hints of turquoise in the bedding which combined with the views from the portholes create a harmonious beach-like setting.

    Leopard 50 catamaran interior


    The Leopard 50 catamaran boat was re-designed to replace the Leopard 48, an award-winning boat in 2012. This is a cruising catamaran that includes a wonderful flybridge lounge.

    This catamaran interior is quite modern and futuristic. It appeals to a new generation through the usage of spotlights and under-furniture LEDs that make this boat look like it jumped right off a utopic movie. The cabins show a generous size and the color palette displays a refined taste through shades of white, gray, and light brown wood.

    Privilege 580 Circumnavigator catamaran interior


    The Privilege 580 Circumnavigator catamaran interior is a piece of art. Its minimalistic design is complemented by a cool palette that includes shades of white, turquoise, gray, and cool brown for the wood. Everything blends together into a calming collage that tells a story: That of a charming vacation at sea. The communal spaces are fitted with anything you might need in a home. A special designer touch can be seen in the integration of orange throw pillow and turquoise table clothes that add a splash of warmth to a very clean interior.

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