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New Boat Specifications Database for Your Fleet

Oct 07, 2019

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  • New Boat Specifications Database for Your Fleet

    A surprising boat specifications database that will help you sort your fleet!

    Owning a boat fleet is as much a fun and interesting thing as it is a responsibility. It means having to be in charge or the maintenance, documents, itineraries, logbooks of each and every vessel in your fleet, which sounds like a huge time consuming task.

    Between running the business and taking care of all your boats, the chances of making a mistake or forgetting stuff are increasingly higher. Things like missing a check up can significantly hurt your boats. This will mean further maintenance at a second time which may or may not undo all the damage created at first. All in all, this would lead to more headaches and money spent. And no businessman ever wants that! The solution lies in modern databases such as TheBoatDB!

    What TheBoatDB can do for your fleet

    TheBoatDB is the newest database containing specifications of a large number of boats and yachts which allows you to compare and sort them out. TheBoatDB also connects with TheBoatApp as part of a common platform. TheBoatApp is an app that gathers all the relevant information and data of your boat, including maintenance, trips, logbooks, documents and more so, you can always have them at hand wherever you are in the world and furthermore receive timely alerts on needed actions. This service is available online as well as offline. Basically it is a marine data cloud platform, for all mariners in the world to keep their boating information sorted out easily.

    TheBoatDB is a user centralised and boats specification platform and database which allows you to enroll all the boats in your fleet and keep their information registered in one place, accessible from anywhere. The platform will show you boats’ ratios automatically, displacement hull speed, sail-area to displacement specifications, displacement to length and more characteristics. Whether you are at work or on holiday, you can access TheBoatDB to sort out the status of your fleet just from your smartphone. Your boat life is fully catalogued, backed up and organised in one single database. In addition to cataloguing what you already have, TheBoatDB also helps you search, explore and compare new boats, if you are looking to widen your fleet. This is a quick way to expand your business without having to go through too much research and decision making trouble.

    To obtain more information on the app and the database you can register for free and see how they work first hand. You can also opt to send an email through the website and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as we can with all your questions answered. Lastly, follow our blog posts for more interesting information on boats and yachts and how to organise all their technical specifications and data accordingly.

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