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Boat Practice Test: Are you ready to be a captain?

Jun 25, 2020

less than a min

  • Boat Practice Test: Are you ready to be a captain?

    Do you love boats and sailing? Do you think you are a boat guru? Take this practice test and find out.

    Check out the result once you finish. The test is composed of 10 questions. Answer each question with one answer and discover if you have what it takes to be a boat captain already!

    • If you get between 0% to 30% – Not quite ready!

    It seems like your knowledge on how to maintain and operate a boat is still pretty basic. You do need to explore some more articles and hang around with a seasoned captain before you take your vessel out of the marina by yourself. Read TheBoatDB blog for more information and get acquainted with what is going on in the naval realm day by day!

    • If you get between 31% to 60% – Almost there!

    It will not take long for you to become an expert captain and let go of that fear of the unknown. Scroll through a few more articles and go through a few more books to get yourself in full captain mode!

    • If you get between 61% to 100% – As ready as it can be!

    There is not much to say if you find yourself in this category other than ‘Congrats!’ Your boat is lucky to have you as a captain. Keep the good work up and keep sailing!


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