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The best way to compare boats side by side

Sep 25, 2020

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  • The best way to compare boats side by side

    There are many instances when you need to compare boats side by side. For example, you might want to sell your boat. In this case you need to see how it compares to other vessels, whether small boats or bigger yachts, that have recently hit the market. This comparison is important as it helps you generate the right price for the sale.

    In addition, you could be a boat technician or a crew member looking to change vessels. If so, you need to learn as much as you can about your job, how the particular vessel you are working on compares the other one you are looking to move on to.

    Comparing boats is also crucial when you are looking to buy a vessel. Ideally, you want to analyze the features of many boats and get a “pros and cons” list for each one before spending the big bucks.

    So how would you go about comparing boats side by side without wasting your entire life roaming from one dealer to another?

    The best way to compare boats side by side is digitally through TheBoatDB.

    TheBoatDB is an app designed to have all your boating life in one platform. This is a publicly accessible boat database that allows you to explore the main features and characteristics of many boats, all in one screen. This side- by-side comparison saves much needed time and energy since everything you need to know can be in the palm of your hand, literally, through a smartphone, tablet or PC.

    TheBoatDB can be used by anyone, whether a boat owner, member of a marina crew, chartering company, yacht appassionato or skipper. You can even use this database for free if you are new to the whole marine industry, and boats have just started to peak your curiosity. There is no need to be “fluent” in sailing and cruising when you want to compare boats with TheBoatDB.

    How to use TheBoatDB to compare boats side by side

    TheBoatDB is a boat specification database that allows any member of the public to compare boats side by side. The main advantage of this app is its user-friendly interface which means that you do not need to be extra knowledgeable in boating in order to use this app. All the contrary! TheBoatDB is a great wayto get your foot into the sailing life and learn all you need to about boats.

    TheBoatDB allows you to create a free account and compare a series or boats. By using the database, you can learn about performance ratios, maximum speed, price, production year and more. This app is dedicated to both boat owners and boat lovers.

    If you are a boat owner, TheBoatDB provides a fully interactive management software that allows you to register your boat and identify all its specifications and technical features. In addition, it offers a simple method on how to calculate marine rations such as sail-area to displacement, displacement hull speed and displacement to length automatically. You can also include customized systems in the database, such as water marker or bow-thruster.

    If you do not own a boat but are looking into boats in general, this database provides the best way to compare boats side by side through a fast-accessible review section. You can shortlist a few boats you like, or scroll through a larger list to compare models, engines, manufactures or weights. Technically, any marine ratio feature will be available for any user to see and compare pros and cons for each vessel.

    All in all, you can use TheBoatDB to store and compare boat data and become more knowledgeable in the sailing industry. Explore the site to learn more features and discover how to make the most out of this software!

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