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Best small cruising trimaran revealed

Oct 22, 2020

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  • Best small cruising trimaran revealed

    A trimaran is a boat categorized as a multihull. What it means is that this particular vessel is composed of three hulls that aid the boat during sailing but also provide interior spaces for the crew and guests to enjoy.

    Trimarans are very popular in the sailboat market. They are mainly appreciated for their speed but also for their cruising character that can address families’ interests as well. Trimarans allow for leveled sailing, ample deck space, stability, comfort, shallow draft, and most importantly the good old family fun time.

    A small cruising trimaran is probably one of the most popular boats nowadays as it provides an affordable but also an interesting way how to spend your free time and enjoy what nature has to offer. Let’s get to the gist of it then. Which is the best small trimaran nowadays?

    Most popular small cruising trimaran

    The best small cruising trimaran so far remains the F22. The F22 Trimaran is designed by Ian Farrier and built by Farrier Marine company. It features a swan design and can be purchased in two versions, racing or cruiser form. This is a small trimaran that includes many interesting features within a compact space. It has a slightly offset centerboard trunk that allows for an ample interior.

    In addition, it has an ama folding system. This is an advantageous feature as it allows the ama beam strength to remain to a maximum while the interior is free from any structural support structure for the beam. Fly spray is also reduced due to the folding struts being carried higher than before in case of deployment. This feature allows the F22 trimaran to have a greater performance under sail.

    This small cruising trimaran comes in two versions, either with a carbon mast or an aluminum one. In addition, it is equipped with a boomless mainsail furling rig which makes sail handling easier. Most importantly, sailing efficiency is not sacrificed in any case.

    What makes this boat the best small cruising trimaran is the fact that it can be used as a cruiser due to its interior. The galley has a two-burner Origo stove, a small sink, and a stow for sailing. In addition, the companionway has a pop-top that increases the headroom. Moreover, the F22 is equipped with a small chemical toilet that is quite private due to a roll-up screen and bulkhead that can be folded. All in all, the F22 contains 4 berths and can be used by families as well.

    Compare the best small trimaran with other multihulls

    You can learn more about the F22 trimaran on TheBoatDB. TheBoatDB provides an organized platform that anyone can use for free with a no time limitation account or what we like to call a “Forever free account”.

    You can compare the F22 to other trimarans or even catamarans and single-hull boats and see for yourself whether this boat is up to the challenge for you. In addition, you can shortlist this trimaran or select a few different boats for future references. All in all, you will get your boating life on one platform as we like to say!

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