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Best Small Boats and Sailboat for Beginners

Sep 22, 2021

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  • Best Small Boats and Sailboat for Beginners

    Feeling happy, secure, and positive on your boat is incredibly important as it will push you to learn more and more things about your vessel and how to maneuver it with finesse. It will also make you feel closer to your boat and more inclined to spend time on it. 

    So, what are those features to look for in the best small sailboat for beginners

    Let’s start with the most common one everyone can think of: simplicity. Beginner boats should be easy to sail and rig. You need to look for a vessel that does not capsize on the first wave, even if you do not know how to sail it properly. It should also be easy to rig without too many gadgets to hook up when transporting it. As a general rule of thumb, look for a boat that can lean towards, has a mast that is easy to lift, the sails are simple to put on, and the entire vessel can be assembled and put on the water without any issues. In addition, make sure the sails need minimal control.

    Simplicity is also one of the main reasons why a small boat is better for a beginner. Small boats do not have many elements that need to be put together and are very easy to dock, in comparison to larger vessels. These boats are faster to react, which is great if you are not a seasoned sailor. It is a good idea to start with something that can hold 1 or 2 people, best if one of the crew is a bit more experienced than the other. 

    In addition, aim for a dinghy instead of a keelboat. A dinghy is easier to keep on route. Once you can feel more confident at sea, move onto a boat with a keel. You might even choose to join a sailing club and get on a vessel they deem appropriate for beginners. 

    Also, stay away from boats that have more than two masts. The multiple masts can cause distractions which can become quite dangerous when at sea. 

    Last but not least, get a boat with a tiller instead of a steering wheel. A tiller is easier to sail and learn while a wheel is more complex and less intuitive. 

    Some great options to consider include the:

    Check out yourself what kind of boat would be a good fit for you by exploring our boat database.

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