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Find Out the Best Shoal Draft Sailboats

Feb 17, 2020

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  • Find Out the Best Shoal Draft Sailboats

    re you looking to buy a boat or a yacht? Are you new to the whole naval industry and the marine world? Are you utterly confused right now? It does sound like the beginning of a very random ad, however do not panic! If you are looking to buy a boat and are not sure where to start, know that this is something common for many people. The boating industry is a very interesting and complex one, offering a variety of models and makes with different characteristics that could or could not be appropriate for you. As a result, before buying a boat or settling on a model, make sure to do your research properly. A good first step is to learn the terminology and what different sailboats have to offer.

    Let’s start with what a shoal draft sailboat is and what the best shoal draft sailboats can offer you.

    A shoal-draft sailboat has a non-centerboard fin keel. They offer the ability to enter very shallow waters and even sail in those waters. That is the main advantage shoal draft sailboats display compared to center-line keels. They are easier to maneuver in complicated situations and their fins take up less interior space. Also, they require less maintenance overall. 

    The 3 best shoal draft sailboats

    Shoal draft sailboats have become quite popular in the last few years due to their undeniable advantages. Here are the three best shoal draft sailboats that you should have a look at before making a purchase.


    The Beneteau First 435 is a 1980s construction that became popular quite fast. It features a big hull that allows for ample accommodation space. It includes a three-cabin/three-head layout as well as an aft cabin with a peninsula bed. As a result, during the 80s and 90s this yacht was considered a large one. It also came with the opportunity to choose between a shallow or deep keel, or even three keels, a 2.3-meter draught fin, a 1.9-meter shallow fin and a centerboard, however this model was not much in demand. 

    • BAVARIA 40

    The Bavaria 40 Cruiser is a big boat featuring a large space at a convenient price due to its design and engineering. It was first built in 2000, with two types of keels, the deep iron, a 1.95-meter draught, and a shallow iron, a 1.65-meter draught. It has a three-cabin and a two-heads layout. In addition, the interior space is well lit and aerated. 


    The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36.2 is a shallow fin sailboat with a 1.37-meter fin. The boat still remains stable when on water due to an increased ballast. The hull of this model is well proportioned and allows for comfortable accommodation space. It also features a big fore-cabin, aft cabin, and a large aft heads compartment area. All in all, this is a good model for those looking for a comfortable cruise boat rather than a race boat. 

    You can compare these three boats with other models on TheBoatDB and decide for yourself which one is the most appropriate for you!

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