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Best Performance Catamarans

Dec 03, 2019

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  • Best Performance Catamarans

    Full list of the best performance catamarans!

    You might have heard the term best performance catamaran but are probably unaware of the real meaning behind it. If you are new to the marine world, or are just skimming through information and data, then here’s a fun fact for you. Performance catamarans are actually racing boats, part of the multihull category. These boats include high tech features in addition to being lightweight and luxurious. Even between this category there are two groups to be identified. The first group includes the luxury cruisers best represented by the Gunboat. The second category includes the minimalist offshore racers, also known as fun boats.  Here is a list of the best performance catamarans and their main features. 

    5 best performance catamarans in the luxury cruisers category

    1. The first boat to enter this list is the McConaghy MC50. This particular boat is smaller than the rest of the McConaghy collection. It is determined as a fast cruising boat that can definitely be tested on open ocean waters. Its main features are the harmonious connection through doors between the saloon and the cockpit area. In addition, a skylight is added in the coachroof in order to function as a generator for batteries. Cutting edge technology indeed! This catamaran is predicted to navigate upwind very smoothly and fast.
    2. The ICE Cat 61 is the second to enter this list. Designed by Enrico Contreas, this Italian boat features chic and ultra modern interiors within a carefully built vessel that can manage almost 30 degree wind angles. It is 18.6 meter long and features a displacement of 15 tonnes. 
    3. The HH50 is a 15.2 meter long catamaran mainly known as a sport vessel. It is composed of 3 or 4 cabins with large windows and elegant interiors. Designed by Morelli & Melvin’s, this boat might look a bit strong and aggressive, but that is just part of its charm.
    4. The Marsaudon TS5 is a British design, part of a collection of the fastest and biggest catamarans available in the market. This design does not come cheap, however it can be fitted with additional elements upon request, which makes it quite unique. Designed by Christophe Barreau, this catamaran uses high-quality vinylester with foam sandwich core for the hull and deck.  
    5. Lastly, the ITA 14.99 is a new Italian brand catamaran that reaches exactly 14.99 meters in length. The core of the boat is the saloon. What is special about this performance catamaran is the ability to redecorate the interior quite easily. In addition, the internal of this vessel is surrounded by glazed surfaced that allow for marvelous views outside. 

    In addition, the offshore racing catamarans include minimalist and sleek designs. Part of this group are the Dragonfly, Banuls, Dazcat, and Rapido. You can use TheBoatDB to explore the features of each of these catamarans and properly compare them!

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