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Best Cruising Trimaran of 2019-2020

Dec 03, 2019

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  • Best Cruising Trimaran of 2019-2020

    Find out the best cruising trimaran of 2019-2020!

    Trimarans are cruising boats part of the multihull category.  As the name itself explains, a trimaran has three hulls and plenty of entertainment space. If you have not seen a trimaran before, here’s the deal. A trimaran consists of a main hull and two outrigger hulls which are smaller. It is also known as a double outrigger, thanks to this feature. They are mainly used for races and recreational sailing, especially the cruising trimarans. They are probably less popular than the rest of the boats, not due to their characteristics but mainly as a result of their uniqueness in shape and form. Trimarans are actually divided into two categories based on their shape. The first category includes the open trimaran which features a bridge between the three hulls, while the second category features a platform that connects the three parts. Trimarans are perfect to organize events and parties on it. In addition, they have a lean sporty feeling to them that attracts anyone’s attention. Moreover, their shape allows for great speed and comfort during a trip, making them more stable and less prone to heeling. Keep reading to find out the best cruising trimaran of 2019 and 2020.

    Best cruising trimaran 2019-2020 exposed

    With 2019 coming close to its end, the nominations for best boat in each category are always hot topics in the marine world. Right now, let’s have a look at the best cruising trimaran of 2019-2020. Our pick is the Neel 51. This is a large multihull boat of over 15 meters designed by Eric Bruneel. It features a very large and noticeable interior. It is able to accommodate 6 people while offering a comfortable voyage on ocean waters. As most trimarans, this one is also a very fast vessel, which is a main characteristics that makes it one of the best cruising trimarans of 2019. 

    The external look of the boat is contemporary and almost futuristic. It includes big glass windows that offer amazing views of the surroundings, in addition to great internal light quality. The interior showcases a French decor, full of elegance and chic finishes. It includes a main deck where the galley, navigations and accommodations are located, while two more cabins are placed on both amas. The main hull has a flexible saloon that flows into the afterdeck through sliding doors. The engine and all mechanical and technical areas are also located in this main hull. All decks are easy to be accessed therefore making this trimaran very flexible to use by anyone interested in it. Compared to other multihulls, the Neel 51 is a fast and more comfortable vessel. You can keep comparing its features in more detail through TheBoatDB and browse through all its characteristics as the best cruising trimaran of 2019-2020!

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