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The best Cruising Catamaran of 2020

Dec 03, 2019

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  • The best Cruising Catamaran of 2020

    Which is going to be the best cruising catamaran in 2020?

    Catamarans have been increasingly popular in the past few years. As part of the multihull category, these great sailboats allow for ample entertainment space. They also present good performance features as sailboats. Some of the best cruising catamarans of 2019 have already been revealed. These catamarans were divided into two categories, based on their lengths. The first category includes boats of less than 15 meters while the second category features larger vessels of more than 15 meters. Each category displays great cutting edge designs that push the boundaries of everyday technology. In addition, interior design elements are very much appreciated in multihulls such as catamarans, as most owners will use their boats to invite guests and have an amazing party on the water. Furthermore, details about their engine capacity and speed has been taken into consideration to pinpoint which ones are appropriate for lagoons and which catamarans you can use in an ocean. All these details and more have been taken into account to name the best catamarans of 2019. Keep on reading to explore the best cruising catamaran of 2020!

    Uncovering the best cruising catamaran of 2020

    With 2020 fast approaching, everyone is curious to know which boat is going to make the list as the best cruising catamaran. Sail Magazine has already launched a list of nominees with some very special features that will definitely grab your attention. 

    What 2020 will mostly appreciate is comfort on top of anything else. This is probably why catamarans are up on the most wanted boats list already. Open concept layouts in addition to PVC infused hulls are just part of the package. In addition, aesthetics are also greatly appreciated. Sleek designs and futuristic colors are what will differentiate the best boats of 2020 from the rest of them. Furthermore, having enough entertainment area will still be important in 2020 which is why double bedrooms and interesting features such as bathtubs will be on top of the list.

    Based on current predictions, the Bali 4.5 will be one of the best cruising catamarans of 2020. This boat is produced by France’s Bali/Catana and designed by Xavier Fay. It features spacious living areas as a combination of a saloon and lounging space. In addition, it also includes a flybridge to accommodate all guests on an enjoyable afternoon on water. 

    If you want to compare different catamarans and shortlist your best ones you can take a look at our online database, TheBoatDB, to search, explore and compare all the catamarans included in TheBoatDB! 

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