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The Best Cruising Boats and Sailboats

Jul 26, 2021

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  • The Best Cruising Boats and Sailboats

    As you already know, TheBoatDB offers the most complete database of yachts, cruising boats, powerboats, cruising sailboats, and many other vessels used to roam oceans and lagoons. You can explore their looks and features all in one platform and even compare your favorite boats by benchmarking some of them. 

    If you are new to marine life and want to explore the best cruising boats and sailboats of the moment, you have come to the right place. This article features a concise list of our favorite picks. First of all, however, let’s clarify what a cruising boat and sailboat are. 

    Cruising boat and cruising sailboat meaning and difference

    The term cruising refers to sailing long-distance and spending a few days or months living on the boat. Sometimes the term bluewater boat is also used to define a cruising vessel. 

    A cruising boat could be a luxurious yacht or a smaller powerboat. Whatever the case, it has to have some accommodation facilities for crew and guests. 

    A cruising sailboat is a sailboat (so a boat that also has sails on it), with rooms for crew and guests. Sometimes the term cruising boat is used to define sailboats too. 

    Top 5 cruising boats and sailboats 

    The thing about ‘Top 5 boat’ lists is that they always differ from one another because of the criteria used to define the best vessel. When it comes to cruising boats and sailboats, one thing that most lists take into account is location. So while people in the Caribbean might prefer some boats, others in the Mediterranean might have other vessels as their favorites.

    This list features the top 5 cruising boats and sailboats all around the world, based on their popularity and reviews. 

    Grand Soleil 42 Long Cruise


    The Grand Soleil 42 Long Cruise is a 2019 impressive boat by Cantiere Del Pardo. This 300K euro offshore fast cruising sailboat has a very strong and durable hull. The Grand Soleil 42 Long Cruise is perfect for old-school boat lovers and seasoned sailors that are interested in new features and updates.  

    Bavaria 42


    This is yet another affordable cruising sailboat with a few sleeping cabins and a very easy design. As a mass-production boat, Bavaria 42 has exceeded expectations. It is a safe and comfortable cruiser for a small family. 

    Hallberg-Rassy 48 Mk II


    This is a Swedish boat ideal for couples. The Hallberg-Rassy 48 Mk II is attractive and very stable. It features a classic interior with a lot of charm. 

    Lagoon 450


    Lagoon 450 is a catamaran that has proven to be great for cruising. Its interior is perfect for families while its exterior is attractive and does not go unnoticed. In addition, this is an affordable cruising boat that is easy to obtain all around the world. 

    Beneteau 57


    Beneteau 57 is a luxury cruising sailboat built to be fast and comfortable. It has a practical center-cockpit layout and an interior made entirely of red warm wood that looks pristine and utterly inviting. 

    Have a look at these 5 great cruising sailboats and find just the perfect one for you!

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