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Best Boat for Open Ocean Sailing

Aug 27, 2021

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  • Best Boat for Open Ocean Sailing

    Open ocean sailing is a beautiful experience that allows you to take in the best this world has to offer: endless sea views and fresh air. It does however also include dangers that not every boat can handle. So, which is the best boat for open ocean sailing?

    There are a few options you can choose from. Let’s start with the first one, the Amel Super Maramu. This boat is designed by Henri Amel. His vision was to create the perfect offshore cruising sailboat. It is a 53-foot long boat, designed for a couple to sail across the world. This vessel offers little room for changes. 

    Amel Super Maramu

    Next, the Hallberg-Rassy 42F Standard is a 1991 Swedish boat designed by German Frers. This vessel is perfectly detailed to sail across oceans. It offers functionality and style in addition to high quality and a very comfortable voyage. 

    Hallberg-Rassy 42F Standard 1991
    Hallberg-Rassy 42F Standard 1991

    The Bénéteau Sense 57 Shoal Draft is a 2016 monohull that costs about 400.000 euros. It is a perfect boat for offshore cruising. It is considered a luxurious boat with a fiberglass hull that looks incredible at sea. Its interior offers ample space that makes for a super comfortable voyage. 

    Bénéteau Sense 57 Shoal draft 2016


    The Oyster 565 Keel and Centerboard of 2019 has a composite hull and comes at a considerable price. You can get this impressive sailboat for about 1.4 million euros. It has a central cockpit, 2 spade rudders, and 2 wheels. The interior of this offshore cruiser is as beautiful as the exterior allowing this boat to be perfect for long trips and open ocean sailing. 

    Oyster 565 Keel and Centerboard 2019

    The Bavaria Yachtbau Vision 42 Standard of 2012 is another cruising sailboat made with a composite hull material. It offers a smooth voyage to destinations across the ocean. This boat has 2 wheels, 1 spade rudder, and a closing aft cockpit with an opening system. It costs around 161.000 euros, a price that can be considered quite affordable when it comes to offshore cruisers. 

    Bavaria Yachtbau Vision 42 Standard 2012

    You can explore the best boats for open ocean sailing at TheBoatDB database. Our extensive platform offers information on price, features, specifications, designers, production year, and more. In addition, it allows you to compare and contrast a few different boats against one another. This way you can view some models simultaneously and get a better picture of which one you prefer best. After all, it all comes down to personal choice when comparing boats!

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