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Welcome to TheBoatDB Blog!

Sep 07, 2019

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  • Welcome to TheBoatDB Blog!

    TheBoatDB is a centralised database including all relevant information regarding boats, such as their technical details, their length, ratios and other metrics. It was first conceived in 2015 and developed all the way through today. During these years, a core team has put the project together based on mariners’ blueprints and data gathered from the naval community. This team consists of graphic designers, software developers, professionals of various fields and last but not least, people who truly love boats and enjoy cruising and sailing.

    What does TheBoatDB do?

    TheBoatDB allows all users to gather information and become more knowledgeable about yachts and boats, therefore being able to make a comprehensive comparison between them. In addition, TheBoatDB includes relevant amounts of data allowing people to search boats based on their performance and other details.  What TheBoatDB aims to become, is a cloud database of the marine realm, storing and providing information available anywhere in the world. It features a sister app, called TheBoatApp and providing boating data recording and management, and a blog to showcase tips and tricks of the trade, latest stories regarding boats and yachts and other information on boat features and how to compare them.

    Introducing TheBoatDB blog

    We believe the best way to communicate our ideas, knowledge, information and enthusiasm is through our blog articles, available for anyone to read at their own convenience. Going through this blog you will learn how to compare boats and their features in order to make a decision on which one is best for you. We believe comparison is key in the decision making on which boat to buy, which is why we will provide some tips and tricks on how to find the best fit for you, through boat comparison. You will not only be able to compare features but also new boats versus second-hand boats and figure out which one is the smartest choice to make. In addition, you will find information on the best yacht features, and which of these features are a must-have for the most respected yachts. For more information, keep up to date with the articles on this blog or sign up to our newsletter so you will not miss anything!